Photographer Samir Hussein shows us what’s in his kitbag to shoot at Glastonbury music festival.

3x Nikon D4
I'll carry 3 bodies with me whenever shooting live bands. This means I won't have to change lenses and be instantly ready for any situation onstage or in the crowd when shooting from the photo pit.

24-70 f2.8, 70-200 f2.8, 300 f2.8
These will be the 3 lenses I use for shooting the live music. It means I can get a variety of tight and wide shots of the artists and make the most of the lighting conditions. The 24-70 and 70-200 are great all rounders and I'll take these out around the festival to shoot atmosphere.

17-35 f2.8
For wide angle shots of the crowd and atmosphere.

50 f1.4, 85 f1.4 –
I'll use these for any portrait opportunities with artists. I also like to carry around a 50mm lens after the bands have finished to capture some late night revelry. It's handy because it's light and great in low light.

600 f4
Just in case I shoot an artist from the mixing desk or crowd. The huge focal length on this means I can be a long distance from the stage and still get great shots of bands.

2 x Nikon 911 speed lights

Macbook Pro 13" plus card readers

Waterproof lens covers - Keeps my cameras and lenses dry during the likely downpour.

Waterproof trousers - Glastonbury is renowned for rain and mud, so I keep these ready to slip over my jeans and put on some wellies if things turn nasty.

Thinktank belt pouch - For carrying around an extra lens when walking around the festival shooting atmosphere.

2 x Pocketwizards - In case I should need to set up a remote camera or use trigger any off-camera lighting.

Manfrotto monopod


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