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I had first been assigned to the Michael Jackson case in 2002 after we (photographers) found out he was making an appearance in a civil case at Santa Maria Superior court. What we didn't expect was how long and how complicated the whole thing was going to get.

Michael settled the civil case but not before doing some pretty crazy things in front of the cameras there. There hadn't been that many shooters covering the events and the access we got through the court had been great.

Then in 2003, the police decided to raid Neverland and book Jackson. That day turned into probably one of my most crazy days. I rented a helicopter, flew to Neverland and covered the story from air and ground.

In 2005, Jackson made his first appearance in court since being admitted to hospital for a "flu-like illness" that forced a one-week suspension of his child molestation trial.

Over the three years, we had witnessed some of the most bizarre behavior from Jackson including his arrival on crutches after what he said was a spider bite which infected his leg. Making faces in court during breaks and impromptu fan meeting moments including a meet and greet in his SUV with children selected out of the crowd of fans there to support him.

On this particular day, it had been raining hard and we had been struggling to get good shots of Michael due to umbrellas and the bad weather. It was only after he was about to leave in this van, that I saw the window roll down and his big white hand waving at the crowd. Then all of a sudden, Michael thrust himself out of the car window pointing at the fans, thanking them for their support, giving me a picture I would not forget.

Little did we know that four years later we would be covering the funeral of the pop icon in Los Angeles.


About Frazer Harrison
UK born photographer Frazer Harrison has over 25 years experience in the field of photojournalism and is an entertainment photographer with Getty Images.

After 15 years working as a photojournalist in England for newspapers, Frazer moved to Los Angeles where his photojournalist talents were put to good use on red carpets and covering celebrity news.

During his 13 years in Los Angeles his experience Includes behind the line and carpet coverage of movie premieres and award shows including the Oscars, EMMYS, SAGs, Golden Globes and The Grammy’s.He has covered hundreds of entertainment events in Hollywood, Los Angeles, New York, Miami and around the globe.
As well as red carpet and celebrity events, Frazer also shoots as a fashion runway photographer covering over 300 fashion shows a year and is the house runway photographer for New York/Berlin/Miami/Aruba Fashion Weeks.

Frazer has been shooting exclusively for Getty Images for the past 12 years and is a staff photographer based in Los Angeles.

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