Contour by Getty Images photographer Francois Berthier shows us what he has in his kitbag for shooting portraits of the stars at Cannes Film Festival.

Photo courtesy of Francois Berthier.

Canon EOS 5D  mark III and Canon EOS RD mark II
I use the mark III for every portrait session, but I also carry the mark II in case of a problem with the main camera. On some quicker shoots, I can use both with one lens on each camera.

24-105 f4, 24-70 f 2.8 and a 85 F1.4.
I use mostly the 24-105 which is perfect for portrait and has a macro if I want to get a closer portrait. My 85mm from Sigma is as good as the Canon but far less expensive.
It has a fantastic aperture so when there’s no light, it’s really easy to shoot. I use it with the neon light so only the eyes are focused.

Lights & background:
I shoot with different lights so I can have several images in a short space of time. I bring a lot of lighting in case of a big shoot.

I use mostly 4 Elinchrom 1200x + 2  Elinchrom 400 which are lighter when I have small shoot. Also a 1200 Elinchrom with a battery so I can shoot on the beach.

If there’s a white background, I will use it. If not, I bring my own. I have several colors - dark blue, dark green, white, light blue.

I start shooting with a soft box, mostly on a dark background. Then I use my cobra flash on white background in manual to have a strong light.

I might use natural light too, and if I have time, I shoot with my 85/1.4 and Neon light but in Cannes, it’s only possible in a dark room (if not, the sun is stronger than the neon and we don’t see the neon).

Miscellaneous Items:
Of course I bring my Mac book air, which allows me to put the pictures on a hard drive and also to watch movies when I’m not working!

My compact flash memory cards include compact flash cards, lots of them. And chargers, batteries, all cables. Also, don’t forget to put an assistant in your luggage!

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