There is 120 seconds gone in the final of the 1974 World Cup before a German player gets to touch the ball first time in the match.

That player is Sepp Maier and he is only getting to touch the ball because he is the goalkeeper and he is picking it out of the net.

The Dutch had made the perfect start.

But instead of killing of their opposition, they serenaded their way around the pitch, showing off their technical abilities for all the world to see. "We wanted to make fun of the Germans ... [but] we forgot to score the second goal," said the Dutch legend, Johnny Rep.

The Germans got angry, got level and eventually got their hands on the trophy.

The trauma of losing that final would be further compounded four year later when Holland were defeated once more in the final by the host country, this time in the shape of Argentina.

To lose two finals may be regarded as a misfortune but to lose three is careless. However, if Arjen Robben had been more attentive when in front of goal, it would have been the Dutch, and not Spain, celebrating in South Africa

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