Of all the images associated with England and sporting success, from Mo Farah's shocked face at the London Olympics to Jonny Wilkinson swinging right boot against Australia, there is one picture which continues to remain more iconic than most.

That image is of the England captain, Bobby Moore, splashed in sunshine, aloft on his team-mates shoulders with the Jules Rimet trophy glistening in his right hand, like a freshly cut diamond.

Alf Ramsey, who lead England to that success, had declared when he was appointed manager that they "will win the World Cup".

Many sneered at his statement but that is exactly what they did, beating West Germany

4-2 in the final. With football being the English national pastime, that match, that achievement and that image have been ingrained in the national psyche ever since, all the more so given the victory was fleeting and those halcyon days of July 1966 remain the only time England have enjoyed success at the World Cup.

Since then there has been Paul Gascoigne's tears...

...David Beckham lashing out...

...the myriad of missed penalties and a host of managers beaten into submission by the weight of expectations brought about by that famous victory.


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