The FIFA World Cup is about to kick off with Brazil vs Croatia, Netherlands vs Spain and England vs Italy all providing tantalizing viewing at the commencement of a month of world class football or soccer (depending where you reside).

Getty Images offers all bloggers the opportunity to select, embed and share multiple images from the World Cup – at no cost – for non-commercial use on websites, blogs and social media channels.

If your passion is Brazil, Messi, Ronaldo or England – you can light up your blog, Twitter feed or Facebook page with the latest action on and off the field!

Embedded images are fully responsive and they will look great on mobile or tablet devices as well as on full size screens.

Embedded images will include photographer attribution and, when clicked, will link back to where the image can be licensed for commercial use. This will provide people with a simple and legal way to utilize content that respects creators’ rights, including the opportunity to generate licensing revenue.

The embed capability will be supported anywhere HTML can be posted and users will also be able to share images on major social platforms including Twitter, as well as WordPress, which, with 75 million users, is the world’s most popular blogging platform.

For more details, check out or for questions contact moc.segamiytteg@troppus.debme.


About the embed code

Getty Images offers the world’s most comprehensive collection of high-quality images including news, entertainment, sports, archival and creative imagery. To embed these images, people can visit and search for images. Then hover over an image in the search results or on the image detail page, and click the embed icon (</>). The embedded images will be hosted on the site, but they will appear in the context of the viewer on the site where they are embedded. The viewer includes the name of the photographer and image collection, and a link back to the image page on where people can license it for commercial use.  For full details on how embedded images may be used, please see our Terms of Use.

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