Joga bonito they call it in Brazil and few adhere so strictly to the dictum of practicing and preaching as the Seleção.

For them the beautiful game must remain beautiful.

However, behind the flicks and tricks, there is ravenous hunger for success – and few have been more successful than Brazil.

They are the only team to have played at every single World Cup and no other country has claimed the trophy on more occasions than them.

It wasn't until Sweden in 1958 when, inspired by a teenager nicknamed Pelé, they first won it but that victory would usher in a golden era of Brazilian football that would see them take the trophy in two of the next three competitions – a run that climaxed in the great side of 1970.

They added two more, in 1994...

..and in 2002 and if they fail to repeat that success this summer then expect tears to be shed.

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