It's 1998 and Australia are 2-0 up in a play-off match against Iran

They are so close to making the World Cup in France they can see the Eiffel Tower.

They are excited. The fans are too.

With 20 minutes to go they invade the pitch, in a premature outpouring of emotion. It is short-lived.

By the time the fans are back in their seats, Australia's concentration is broken and Iran are re-focused.

They score once, they score twice and, on the away goals rule, it is Iran who goes to France for the World Cup and not Australia.

Heartbreak at the play-off stages was nothing new to Australia.

It had happened in 1966 against North Korea, in 1970 against Israel, in 1986 against Scotland in 1994, against Argentina and in 2002 against Uruguay.

They did qualify in 1974 and 2006 but they have yet to make it past the second round.

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