"Our Diego, who is on the pitches, hallowed be thy left hand, bring us your magic. Make your goals remembered on earth as in heaven." So goes the Church of Maradona's version of the Lord's Prayer.

That's right. Such is the devotion to Maradona in Argentina, he has a religion set up to honour his footballing talents.

For most Argentinians, his greatest moments came in the World Cup in 1986.

In Mexico, he picked the team up, put them on his shoulders and carried them to glory.

Along the way there were some spectacular performances, not least against England when he scored one of the game's most spectacular goals..

...and one of its most controversial  – the so-called Hand of God.

It was the second time that Argentina had won the competition – the first was 1978 in very suspicious circumstances

– but they have not claimed it again since. For a country with so much talent at their disposal, that is bordering on scandalous.

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