Fabrice Trombert is a fashion photographer for Getty Images and has photographed celebrites such as Penelope Cruz and Robert Altman to former Lehman Brothers Chairman Dick Fuld and former Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice, as well as portraying fashion, beauty and landscapes.

With his wife, Sandie Trombert, they started and run an amazing charity that collects toys and essentials for children who have nothing in Brooklyn. Sandie is Founder and President of Little Essentials while Fabrice as co-Founder collects donations from all over Brooklyn once a week, and has done this for the last three years.

Little Essentials is a small, grassroots organization that in just 3 years has helped 11,000 impoverished Brooklyn babies and toddlers. They recycle gently used children's items, donated by local families, and deliver them directly to families who need them. Little Essentials also provides on-site workshops in homeless shelters to the families who need them the most.

They believe that every child has the right to a healthy and happy start to life and they aim to alleviate some of the stress of parenting under economic duress by providing some of the resources these families need to empower themselves.

Currently Little Essentials is aiming to raise $20,000 to:

  • Cover the expense of their warehouse where they sort, store and prepare items for distribution to families in need.
  • Start a jobs program hiring some of the families they serve, to work at the warehouse.
  • Expand the scope of their education program to offer workshops in even more Brooklyn homeless shelters.
  • Set-up more Little Essentials libraries in homeless shelters increasing early literacy for those children who need it the most.


They welcome your donations

Or you can help by:

  • Spread the word about their campaign.
  • Volunteer with them by emailing info@littleessentials.org



About Fabrice Trombert

Intense focus, flexibility, ingenuity and effectiveness best define what Fabrice Trombert brings to a wide range of clients and photography assignments.

From shooting portraits of celebrities, CEOs and real people, to portraying fashion, beauty and landscapes, he sees and works below the surface, to bring our what's most meaningful in the subject.

Leading clients include Time and Business Week, Madame Figaro, Venice Magazine, Marie Claire, Macys, Dentsu, Columbia University, Avon and many others. Celebrities he has been commissioned to photograph range from Penelope Cruz and Robert Altman to former Lehman Brothers Chairman Dick Fuld and former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

Before going solo in 1997, he assisted and learned from renowned photographers Annie Liebovitz, Marc Hispard, Walter Chin, Andrew Eccles, Frank Ockenfels and others, over an eight-year period.

A unique cultural and educational background - including training at Tisch School of the Arts - formed a passionate, industrious and confident creative spirit. He is able to engage and interact comfortably with any personality, and in any environment.

For Trombert, every assignment is a vital opportunity. To be passionate and powerfully expressive. To get to the best possible outcome for each client. And to make the whole process in between easy-going and enjoyable for everyone involved.

View his photography on Getty Images

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