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Simone Joyner - @moniej44


Love her or loathe her, Miley Cyrus is one of the biggest celebrities on the planet at the moment. So when the opportunity arose to shoot her first show of the European leg of the ‘Bangerz Tour’, I was really excited! I was pleased with the set of images I got from the show as there were a number of contributing factors that made the shoot difficult. We only get 3 songs, and I was shoulder to shoulder with other photographers there that night, making it very cramped. Our shooting position was from the mixing desk, at floor level. This meant I had to tip-toe on my stool for most of it (hand holding my 500mm at times), with the added obstacle of shooting over a very excited crowd.  This picture of Miley, really stood out from the set, as she is completely in the moment and of course she is sticking out her tongue which has become her trademark.

Gareth Cattermole - @garethgetty

I like shooting black and white on the red carpet because in my view it gives pictures a feeling of simplicity and the image becomes somehow timeless. I knew I had captured a beautiful moment when I took the frame as Blake, her position and posture were just right and she moved around the carpet with effortless grace that it was just a matter of time before I was able to line up the shot. I shot wide to capture the whole scene and about f8 to give depth to the image.

Ian Gavan - @iangav

During the opening premiere of the Cannes Film Festival I was assigned to cover the red carpet from the top of the steps leading into the Palais des Festival. It's a long lens job, so working with a 200-400mm I was scanning around trying to get some interesting expressions as the cast of ‘Grace of Monaco’ were making their way into the cinema after walking the red carpet. Sometimes there is the opportunity to shoot some more genuine moments and expressions from this position and, for this Nicole Kidman shot, I perhaps captured a more introspective moment which seems to work okay, I hope.

Francois Durand 

During the Cannes Film Festival, working on an assignment for Dior, I had the opportunity to shoot the red carpet from their balcony at the Majestic Hotel. Other than pure luck, this shot was a confirmation that the camera takes on a life of its own in unplanned moments, in the spirit of Cartier Bresson. This ‘God’s point of view’ position gives us a snap of Cheryl Cole’s ghost, flying over the festival. It's challenging, more than shooting from the red carpet because there are obstacles in the way so you don't have a clean shot and obviously the celebrity does not look in my direction. But this alternative view allows the photographer to focus on different kind of picture, something that captures shape and movement.

Mike Marsland - @MikeWireImage

Sometimes the best pictures come from moments that just unfold in front you.  The press pens at Cannes Film Festival are very loud and frantic. You have to block everything out and just concentrate on what’s happening on the carpet.  When Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman began the Pulp Fiction dance most of the photographers around me started screaming for them to pose up for us.  I just stood back and captured them. Here is Quentin mid dance move and Uma throwing her head back as she laughs, obviously enjoying the moment.

Vittorio Celotto - @vzuninocelotto

This picture is a portrait of Marion Cotillard using a post production technique to create a mirrored or reflective effect. The Mirror Image project is a work in progress, a self assignment I began last March so I am constantly looking for subjects who will work well. It was important for me to capture Marion at the Cannes Film Festival as I believe she is elegance personified. There are many elements that I believe work in this picture, from what she is wearing to her facial expression, she is looking just beyond me and it gives the picture a timeless, other worldly quality.

Gareth Cattermole - @garethgetty

I usually photograph celebrities, never animals, so I was intrigued when one of my subjects turned out to be a dog. I wanted to approach the shoot with the same creative discipline as I would any other celebrity, so I used exactly the same lighting conditions as I had for the director and actress of the film. I also wanted to capture the detail and expression of his face and the detail of his coat and, after all he was one of the stars of the film so it was important to me that did him justice. Finally, this portrait was shot in an alleyway with a backdrop and reflector, there were people walking past and plenty of distractions but the dog was the consummate professional and I loved every second of the shoot.

Christie Goodwin - @ChristieGoodwin

I’ve been working with Katy Perry for a couple of years and she asked me again to be her official tour photographer on the UK tour, which was the first leg of her Prismatic World Tour. This photo was shot on the opening night of the tour in Belfast. The challenge for this shot was to get the right position at the B-stage. There’s a very powerful white light on her at this moment in the show, while the rest of the arena is complete darkness. It would have been very easy to overexpose. It was just one of those shots where everything fell into place.

Andreas Rentz

I like this picture because Sharon looks to be in her element – she looks beautiful, animated and very natural. She is surrounded by amazing looking models and they all look like they are having a good time. Very simple really.

Matej Divizna

The reason I like this photo is that I think it is really emotional. I like shooting ballet and I also cooperate with Czech National Ballet. It was an honour for me to cover this performance which was her last in front of a Czech audience in Prague State Opera. This exact performance was special with an unforgettable atmosphere because Daria Klimentová is probably the best contemporary Czech ballerina and she is able impress the whole theatre. I wish her the best for her last performance with English National Ballet on June in London and for the rest of her life. It was captured with a canon 5D Mark III, 70-200mm lens at ISO2000, f4, 1/200th sec.

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