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John Philips

This shot was taken at the end of a long wet rainy day covering the ‘Pride in London’ event. Conchita was the highlight for many of the attendees, due to her groundbreaking win in Eurovision, and she didn't disappoint her fans. This is the first time that I have covered the ‘Pride in London’ event and I must say, despite the rain,  it was a fun event to shoot - packed full of colour and happy people that love being photographed. I initially edited this image in colour, but realised due to the smoke and lights that it was much stronger in black and white and re-edited the image once I got home and dried out my kit.

Chris Jackson

The highlight of Ascot 2013 was without a doubt the moment Queen Elizabeth won the Gold Cup with her horse Estimate. The raw emotion as the Queen cheered her horse over the finishing line and as she was handed the trophy were a memorable experience for all involved. This year, of course, the Queen was hoping for a rerun of this historic victory and indeed the public was behind her. Sadly, this was not to be with Estimate coming in a close second to the winner. As the Queen presented the trophy to the owner of the winning horse I noticed her reflection in the curved surface, fortunately I had a long lens (500mm F4) to hand and managed to capture the split second where her face was reflected in one of the flat sides of the trophy and wasn't distorted by the curve. With a touch of luck she was also laughing at this precise moment. It was clear to see that despite her defeat the Queen was certainly no sore loser!

Neil Lupin


Take an overnight superstar like Lorde, add one of her first UK shows in an intimate club and the result is a heady mix of unpredictability and history in the making. Concert photography is an adrenaline sport - we get three songs and it is anyone's guess what the lighting and stage set up will be like, let alone what the artist will do.

Without warning we found ourselves on a balcony shooting down on to the stage. The angle was terrible but the strobes created fleeting moments of beautiful contrasting light. I cropped in as tight as possible on a 300mm lens and went for a quirky, monochrome composition to capture the intensity and timelessness of her performance in a way that I hope will stand the test of time.

Mark Holloway

I have shot this band many times in various different stadiums and my experience of them is that they are very active, which makes great pictures but can be very challenging to shoot. This frame, which was shot at the Isle of Wight Festival, was almost exactly the picture I was looking for. I was almost dead centre to the stage which was about 5 meters away, balanced on a ladder. The photographers pit at festivals are usually fairly tight for space with about 30 photographers plus tv crews so conditions are not ideal. The frame is energetic and intense, and signature Chilly Peppers.

Tristan Fewings

I shot this image on day 2 of Graduate Fashion Week. The designs are by Emma Rahman from Wiltshire College, Salisbury. Graduate Fashion Week showcases the work of students from over eighteen UK colleges and universities. It was the first time that Getty had covered Graduate Week and I was assigned to shoot it all on my own. It turned out to be a fantastic four days of fashion with a packed shooting schedule of back to back shows. Each college had its own show with anything from ten to twenty five students debuting their collections. Some of the shows were over an hour long which in terms of fashion shows is a long time shooting! I made this shot right at the end of the show, when the models walk off the runway. In this instance, the choreography sent the models walking in opposite directions which made for an interesting balance and composition and for this picture I got lucky, the models just lined up right for me. I love to shoot what I call the ‘edges of the show.’ The start and finish of a runway show often offer up the most interesting pictures visually, rather than a straight up and down walking shot. Apart from the composition I love the flow of colours and fabrics, the designs are very striking, creating a painterly image.

Tim Whitby

This image was part of a set of 'alternative views' I shot at the Isle of Wight Festival. I used a Lens Baby composer on my Canon 5D MKIII to produce the blurred effect, and focused the sweet spot over to the right of the frame and timed the shot to get the cheering passengers sharp. The photo has also had a coloured digital filter applied and has given is a lovely dream-like quality.

Ian Gavan

Whist covering the Saturday of the Glastonbury Festival, I was quite surprised to learn that English National Ballet were going to be performing ‘Dust’ by choreographer Akram Khan on the Pyramid stage the morning after Metallica. And so I spent the Sunday morning making phone calls to one of the ballerinas I know in the company, working with the PR manager of the English National Ballet and the press officer of the festival to get the required permissions, plethora of wristbands and lanyards for backstage and on stage to cover their performance with the hope of producing a feature. This particular shot of Madison was shot as the dancers walked out into the soft light bouncing up off the stage into the wings from the darkness of the interior.

Thomas Niedermueller

After 3 days at the Southside Festival with more than 50,000 people at a former Airbase in a small town in south Germany with only a population of 3,840 people, it was time for one of the headliners, Lily Allen. She was my favorite performer and my pass was not guaranteed so I was delighted when the PR granted my access. Her performance was amazing and I found it hard to edit because she looked great in many of the shots.

Ollie Millington

Growing up I was exposed to a lot of different music and when an American friend introduced me to a pre-release copy of the band’s debut album, I was hooked. Fast forward 14 years being at their feet with my cameras, I knew I had to come away with something to match their posters I had all over my walls. In my head I knew straight away I wanted something with some crowd context and rarely having a catwalk as part of their setup I knew I had to make the most of it. After the first few passes I Was beginning to think I was in the wrong spot and was just about to move to where everyone else was shooting when Chester crouched and let loose the biggest jump I have ever seen someone pull off from standing. These days it might be a wooden frame not blue tack but it’s safe to say this will be on my wall at home in my office.

Ben Pruchnie

Due to restrictions for press operating on court property, the images from arrivals were really lacking in the drama I was searching for to illustrate the story. After the day’s session, as Coulson’s taxi departed, it stopped at a traffic light down the street from the press position. I quickly switched my telephoto lens to a wide angle and changed position. As the story has a massive impact on the press and the way they operate I wanted to frame other members of the media in the shot to add context to the image, so moved to the window opposite the majority of the press pack. When shooting through glass with flash there can be quite horrible reflections, so I took a risk and used a technique called “Catch-flash” which created the added drama I was looking for in the image.

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