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Gareth Cattermole

This image was shot during rehearsals for the Zuhair Murad show in Paris during Couture Fashion Week in July. This model was the last look and they were trying to get her timing just perfect for the show. I could see the backdrop was creating some lovely shadows which were falling onto the walls and I waited ages for the model to walk into shot. Despite what it looks like in the image, there were about 20 people fussing around her and I had to wait a very long time for the shot to look just right. To me it looks like she is wearing a mask similar to The Phantom of the Opera, created by the light falling through the backdrop which is quite nice. This image was shot on a Fuji X-Pro1 at 1/125 sec  f/4.0  ISO 500

Vittorio Zunino Celotto

Backstage is the most entertaining and interesting way to understand the world of modeling. I shot this picture during the Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion Week at the end of the Marina Hoermanseder show, when the last models were waiting for the finale. I like the smiling face on the model as she looks at the one starting to walk the catwalk. The best time for a photographer to take backstage pictures is after the anxiety of the show, the models begin to relax.

Karwai Tang

The match was tense, Andy Murray was playing Grigor Dimitrov during the Wimbledon tennis championships and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, was present to give Andy some home support. The Duchess was really getting caught up in the excitement of the match, pulling all sorts of faces but this turned out to be one of my favorites. Lens choice was a Nikon 600mm, perfect for getting in tight without being too intrusive!

Andreas Rentz

I have shot many times at fashion weeks, mostly for clients. But at this particular show, it was the body painter and artist Jonny Dar who showed very extraordinary creations. He combined body painting and fashion to create a great expression of artistry and I was inspired by the colorful models. I was happy to catch this angel and shot her against the chain of lights which captures the dynamic look of the model.

Marc Broussely

Sonisphere Festival, buzzing with excitation as the sun, low in the sky, was offering this golden light we photographers love so much. I placed myself at the corner of the runway facing the sun. Metallica exploded from the first chord of ‘Battery’ and Robert Trujillo, full-on, ran around, until he came right in front of me for a bit of crazy head banging. In this shot I love the fact that the amazing energy of the song transpires on Trujillo's whole body, framed by the front stage and logo, while the setting sun provides an impromptu golden hair light rig.

Chris Jackson

I was photographing the Duchess of Cornwall at a fashion event in Edinburgh to celebrate the Fashion Festival. As always, I was trying to look for an angle or lighting situation that would lead to an image that was a little 'different'. As the Duchess moved around the stalls meeting their owners and being shown the best Scottish Fashion on offer, I noticed for a moment she was reflected in a vanity mirror on one of the display tables.

Sean Gallup

I went to the Wacken heavy metal festival from a news angle, hence not to cover the bands but just to get an impression of the atmosphere and the people, both of which are outrageous and fantastic. Sure, there’s still the fair share of old-school long-haired head bangers, but there are plenty of other fans who express their style in all kinds of ways, and for this couple it was inspiration they had found partly in the Mad Max movies. It certainly shows, and given the intense, hot summer weather, also very appropriate!

Christie Goodwin

As soon as Bastille entered the stage to the Twin Peaks soundtrack, the lovely bright spotlights were switched off and we were spoiled with a gooey green glow. That was pretty much the only available light to capture the band live at Somerset House. But you’ve got to play with what you get and that is exactly what I did here. I didn’t pump up my ISO or shuffle down my shutter speed in the hope of catching a half decent picture. I just captured what was there. In the end that is what Bastille wants their fans, who come and see them, to experience. Dark moody shapes moving in a green gooey glow and that is exactly what I captured in this picture.

Ben Pruchnie

This image was shot during an open photo call. Often with these, you’re competing against over 30 other photographers to get a shot that will stand out from the rest and be selected by picture editors. Because of the time of the shoot, I knew I’d be shooting in direct harsh sunlight so lugged a portable lighting kit around with the hope of overpowering the sun. As can be usual with celebrity photography, nothing was running on schedule and before I had even unpacked my lighting kit, Fearne arrived behind us so I had to setup quickly with the equipment in hand. It was a heavily backlit scene with a 6 stop difference between the background and the shadow falling on Fearne’s face. I exposed the background +1 stop to bring out the backlit highlights in her hair and threw in as much flash as I could from a single flashgun to fill in the shadows on her face.

Joseph Okpako

This was day two at the main stage of Global Gathering when The Prodigy, a very energetic band, was on stage and in the crowd, as expected there was moshpit after moshpit. Luckily I was allowed into the mixer area towards the end of their set to shoot some crowd shots from the barriers. Being the last night, I wanted to get a dramatic unobstructed wide shot of the crowd with fireworks ideally, so I had my 14-24mm Nikon lens with me. A moment came in the last song where I was expecting confetti or fireworks but instead, all the main stage lights came on illuminating the amazing set design and the crowd went crazy with excitement creating the perfect moment for this shot.

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