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Chris Jackson - @chrisjackgetty



I took this image of Prince William kissing Prince George during a visit to Taronga Zoo (in Sydney) on their recent tour of Australia and New Zealand. For me, to have the chance to photograph the family in such a relaxed setting was a rare opportunity. Normally royal engagements are formal occasions and the royals are aware of your (the media’s) presence. What was special about this situation was that it was almost like photographing a ‘normal’ family outing to the zoo (if you ignored the gathered media and protection officers!). Prince George was so excited when he spotted the small Australian mammal called a ‘Bilby’ that his parents had bought him to see, he flapped his arms around in excitement. The slightly grumpy expression he has adopted recently because of his teething dissolved in an instant. Despite the time pressure I took a bit of a risk and zoomed in quite closely with some of my images. I wanted to capture the intimacy of the situation and use the clean black backdrop to create an almost ‘lifestyle shoot’ feel. I knew this was a chance I wouldn’t get again in a hurry and wanted to try and create a special image. For me the approach worked perfectly when for a fleeting moment William kissed his son on the head. When I looked through my images straight afterwards on the bus back to the hotel, this one just stood out immediately. Whilst it breaks certain rules of photography in that there isn’t eye contact, and you can’t see what they are looking at, for me that’s irrelevant. It works as they could be any father and son in this one moment. William’s hand is held protectively around his son in a show of fatherhood and strength which almost reminds me of iconic ‘l’enfant man and baby’ Athena poster from the 1980s. This is probably something he does many times a day but for a Royal Photographer to witness the two heirs to the throne for this private moment was very special.

Chris Jackson - @chrisjackgetty

One of the highlights of the Royal family’s visit to Australia was of course a trip to the Iconic Ayer’s Rock ‘Uluru’. Last minute changes meant that the picture that we all remember from Princess Diana, Prince Charles and Prince William’s visit in 1983 with the rock in the background was going to a small pool which sadly I didn’t get a spot on. I was going to photograph a walk around the base of the rock. In actual fact this worked very well, rarely do we see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge walking without a throng of security and Press Officers around them, and in such an incredible setting was doubly rare. Towards the end of the walk they became very aware of the media and their expressions were slightly more forced but as they emerged round the track a few hundred meters away, they glanced at each other for a moment and I think that gave a really lovely balanced image. I thought it worked especially well in black and white with the couple standing out against the darker background of the surrounding ‘bush’.

Mike Marsland - @MikeWireImage

It’s always nice when you go back though your edit after a red carpet event and one picture stands out.  These can be the shots that have caught 17 flashes from other photographers whilst your own flash has not fired. With a little post production, it can become something extra special. You can never plan on shooting these pictures but this frame of Emma Watson is the perfect example.  I like the ethereal atmosphere of the image created by the white dress and the light surrounding the subject.

I was shooting on a Canon 1DX body with a Canon 28/70-2.8 lens.
Marina Abramovic is the first artist I portrayed for 'The Mirror Image', a project started in March during the Istanbul Fashion Week.
I'm just searching for a dreamlike way to portray people and I will continue the series at the Cannes Film Festival.
Over the years I've built up a rapport and some decent access with the English National Ballet. Diary permitting, I do my best to attend as many of their dress rehearsals as possible to try and provide a glimpse of the amazing amount of work and talent that goes into each performance. I guess one of the reasons I'm there is to do the whole thing justice; to provide a pretty good idea of what it's like to actually attend and see a performance. So, as the dancers are flowing, flying, gliding or sliding - and I'm only capable of freezing a stationary moment - I'm a bit stuck. Hence, for this part of the their ‘Lest We Forget’ production, I opted to suggest movement in the photograph via painting with light to smear and streak the image with a long exposure time to suggest to the viewer the incredible dancing on stage.
Joe Okpako – @projoephotog
The last year has been quite a journey for breakthrough artist Ella Eyre. Having seen her perform with Rudimental a few times, I wanted to capture her essence; big hair, powerful vocals and a wild stage presence which was not always easy to capture in a single shot.

The challenge though was capturing all this at XOYO club which has no dedicated photo pit, so arriving early and getting a good spot was essential. I opted for a high shutter speed at 24mm to help freeze a bit of the motion along with careful timing of her songs to arrive at the key shot.

Stefania D’Alessandro - @stefania_dale

I always follow Novak Djokovic on the tennis courts. I admire him as an athlete and for his fair play.  It has been a surprise to discover his personality during the interview at 'Che Tempo Che Fa' an Italian TV show hosted by Fabio Fazio. Nice smile, good expression, a spotlight ... a black & white picture!

I took this photo in the winner’s room at the Olivier Awards. The idea of jumping is a take on one of the posters for The Book of Mormon, which was celebrating a double win.
I remember the day; slightly surprisingly given the reputation photographers have for enjoying a good moan, because we were all in high spirits, there was a great atmosphere backstage.  It’s enjoyable when there can be banter between us and the stars and it often leads to interesting images. 
The jump was well timed between the three actors in front of me and I managed to get the shot just at the height of their leap!
Pascal le Segretain - @plsphoto
I took this photo at the Paris premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I was placed outside the Grand Rex on the sidewalk, stuck between the cinema entrance and the barriers. Behind me were hundreds of fans huddled who came in to obtain an autograph or a memorable selfie. The cries of the fans were such that we photographers could not make Andrew Garfield turn to face us. Suddenly my neighbor screamed. "Turn around!" and then Andrew approached five centimeters from his lens and said," I'm not deaf! "
Stuart Wilson - @stuwilson72
This picture was taken in Dubai during the Amato By Furne One catwalk show at the Fashion Forward event in April. Myself and my colleague Ian Gavan were shooting every show over three days for the Fashion Forward organizers. We had a very specific brief which was to shoot every look at every show, in full length on the catwalk. At first this sounded fairly straight forward but we were to realize that this was not the case. Every show had different lighting from turnstone to daylight mixed with LED spotlights which presented the obvious problems with camera settings, but we pulled it off and the clients were extremely happy. The shows got bigger and more extravagant and this picture is from one of the last shows. It had an incredibly sophisticated and fantastical production so I couldn’t resist taking a more artistic and atmospheric picture.
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