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Matt is a UK-based photographer, writer and curator specializing in narrative fictions. As an undergraduate, he took pictures for the student magazine and won Guardian Photographer of the Year.

He trained as a journalist, and wrote about photography but later decided he wanted to take photos instead. His work has been featured in the International Photographer Awards and the Association of Photographer Awards. Last year he took first place in the IPA awards in Advertising: Music for his work with the band Bat for Lashes.

Lauren Catten, Art Director, Getty Images on Matt’s Image below:


“Matt Henry’s compositions tell such an intriguing story it is almost impossible to choose one image! Each image draws you into the narrative so quickly that to see another is like craving the next chapter of a brilliant book.

This image ‘Big Lady’ is from Matt’s series ‘The Happening’, in which eight individuals stand in stark sunlight, their attention captured by something outside of the frame. The aesthetic is stark, modern and unusual.  Aside from the red of her skin the image is almost monochrome, allowing your attention to focus on her intriguing expression.

Caught unawares, she is neither scared, happy, surprised nor even necessarily arrested; she has been caught by the camera before she’s reacted.

Henry provides clues for us in the model choice, the realistic styling – even her suntan, to imply class and location, but essentially the success of the image lies in its ambiguity. As with all of Henry’s imagery, no questions are answered, we have to draw our own conclusions from the clues available.

Henry’s composition is markedly different from others in this genre in the sheer power with which they draw the viewer into a world and keep them there, guessing on the motivations and outcomes. Taking subjects and situations that are not typically beautiful, he makes them become so because of the delicacy of his craft. Taking time and consideration, he is emerging as a serious leader with a true talent, rising above in a market saturated by speed and quantity.  He leaves me feeling as though I have viewed something bigger than a still photograph, and I am all the better for it.”

Matt Henry on his work
“This image is special to me because it was the first photograph I ever took in my journey from leaving fashion photography to creating a new story- based aesthetic that didn’t really focus on beautiful girls in beautiful clothes.”


Local inspiration
“My work is not really influenced by my local environment. Most of my work draws on the fiction of literature and film. And although all my photography is shot in the UK, most of it is American- inspired. In fact I build sets using props I’ve sourced from America to recreate that US feel.”


My creative space
“One Eyed Jacks’ is a photography gallery situated in Brighton. Established in October 2012, the venue aims to provide a platform for a medium rapidly becoming the 21st century’s most collectable artform. Under my guidance, One Eyed Jacks aims to showcase artists with a flair for narrative and a keen eye for aesthetics. Through the work in my gallery I’m constantly surrounded by beautiful images of other photographers and this is very inspiring for me.”

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in Creative in Focus which you can view here.

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