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Living in Tasmania, Australia, Jodie Griggs is not only an emerging photographer, she is creating work with the emerging technology of the smartphone camera. While she grew up fascinated by the classic natural world photography she saw in her mum’s National Geographic magazines, the kind of imagery she produces is shaped by the spontaneous creativity enabled by smartphone technology.

Bill Bon, Art Director, Getty Images on Jodie’s image below:

“We are only now able to look at mobile devices as being real photographic tools. In a decade we’ve gone from images so small and distorted that they could only be used digitally, to mobile camera sensors so good that you can make large prints with little loss of quality.
It’s a new tool in a creative’s box that allows them to be spontaneous and hidden, capturing images in a new and organic way. This is why I enjoy Jodie’s work. She uses a mobile camera to stir emotions of discovery, childhood, and nostalgia. She has an ability to take what seems like an average experience and enhance it.
Though she has been shooting this way for only a few years, her eye for the photograph shows polish and great potential to develop further.”
Jodie Griggs on her work
“Being able to incorporate my busy life, love of family, friends and travel into my growing passion for photography makes it the most rewarding hobby and occupation I have ever embarked on.
Besides the classic elements of a good photograph the things that I love in an image and strive to achieve in my own work is a sense of emotion, an element of storytelling and spontaneity.”
Local inspiration
“My location definitely plays a huge role in my photography, Australia is an amazing diverse country with so much natural beauty and you have a constant source of inspiration right at your doorstep. Probably more specifically  I love the stunning coastline and beaches that we are surrounded by. More than fifty percent of all images  I take would be based around the water and it is something that I feel quite passionate about.”
My creative space
“I always have at least one camera with me and am constantly looking for special moments, beautiful scenes, or the perfect light everywhere I go. My phone has become an extension of my body and I feel very confident using its features to bring what I see with my eyes onto the screen.”

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in Creative in Focus which you can view here.

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