As the days tick down to Opening Ceremonies on February 7th, 2014, the Getty Images major events team is preparing to build out an office in Sochi that will support a staff of over 70 people who will be covering the games much like the region of Sochi is preparing prior to the start of the big games.

When we last visited Sochi at the end of August we were able to see the amazing progress that was being made, on what so far is the most expensive games in history.

Much of this has to do with the fact that everything for these games has been built from the ground up. This includes 11 completions venues, the International Broadcast Center and two Media Centers.

With under three months left to go, it will be busy for both us and the local organizers in Sochi. Once that flame is lit and competition begins, there is no doubt that all of the hard work will have been well worth it!

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  • The inside of the Olympics Stadium which will host Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • Michael Heiman standing in the roof of Fisht
  • Panoramic Photo of the inside of what will be Getty office in the Main Press Center (MPC)
  • Ken Mainardis, VP, Sports Operation, stands in what will be Getty office in the Main Press Center (MPC)
  • Rosa Khutor Xtreme Park. This section of it is known as HAM, which stands for, Half pipe, Aerials and Moguls and the mountain backdrop should produces some iconic photos.
  • A helicopter carries supplies over the Alpine Venue. Much of the venues in the mountains were built with the help of 100’s of daily helicopter flights like this one.
  • Work continues on RusSki Gorki which will host both Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping. Women will compete in Ski Jump for the first time in these Olympics Games.
  • Michael Heiman, Managing Editor of Major Global Events - Getty Images
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About Michael Heiman

Michael Heiman started working at Getty Images over 10 years ago as an Editor based on the Picture Desk in New York.  He has worked onsite at hundreds of events over his tenure at Getty Images, including the Olympics, Oscars, Super Bowl, World Series, Kentucky Derby, Master, Wimbledon, Stanley Cup Finals and the 2008 US Presidential Election.

Michael is the Managing Editor of Major Global Events. He currently resides in New York City with his wife Deborah and their two children.

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