The winner of the first ever Contour by Getty Images Portrait Prize, was awarded to Swedish-born photographer Maja Daniels.  Daniels was chosen from among 721 applicants from 68 countries, the most entries ever received for a Getty Images grant.

The Contour by Getty Images Portrait Prize is aimed at advancing the career of an emerging photographer regardless of age by not only awarding $10,000 in cash but also by offering the chance for this photographer to get their work exhibited at Polka Galerie in Paris.

Elodie Mailliet Storm, Director of Contour by Getty Images introduces the video which tells the story behind the prize...

Being a portrait photographer has to be one of the coolest jobs on the planet. Every time they shoot, they have the task of getting their subject to reveal themselves to the camera.

Sometimes, their subjects will be famous and the challenge will be to try and make a connection, uncover something about these publicized faces that has not been seen before, shed a new light on their identity through impression or reconstruction, all of that in a very limited and controlled period of time.

Oftentimes and maybe even more thrilling, the people will be anonymous and the challenge will be to gain their confidence, get them to open up and receive the incredible gift of one’s trust.

Beyond that, portraits can also tell much more than the people in the photographs who are acting as mirrors to complex social realities and can serve as testaments to history in a similar way as reportage photography.

Watch Elodie Mailliet Storm, Contour's Director of Photography and guest judge Peter Lindbergh discuss the Contour by Getty Images Portrait Prize with commentary from this year’s winner, Maja Daniels.

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