When the full-service agency Arnold Worldwide was collaborating with Brown-Forman in producing a campaign to launch the new Sinatra Select whiskey for the timeless American brand Jack Daniel’s, they came to Getty Images for help.

As a longtime partner, Arnold knew that they could rely on Licensing Services to help find and license securely the right iconic imagery.

In creating the campaign, Arnold and Brown-Forman where already working directly with the Sinatra estate to secure publicity rights for much of the content they needed. It was when they saw the need for very specific content featuring Sinatra in his heyday with other people to fill in the gaps, that Arnold came to Licensing Services for help.

“Getty Images is a go to, when we have crazy asks,” said Maria Rougvie, VP, Senior Broadcast Business Affairs Manager, Arnold Worldwide.

With the need for images that met criteria such as Sinatra wearing a suit, smiling, not smoking, and, of course, holding or toasting Jack Daniel’s, Licensing Services worked closely with Arnold’s creative team to pin down the right content.

“I’ve never waited more than a day if we need to get something done. We’re usually able to get what we need when we need it, no matter how complicated.” Maria disclosed.

Once the perfect images were found, and the unreleased aspect of some the images was assessed, managing those issues became the next hurdle.

“Getty Images will, when we need it, offer an Image Guarantee™, and that for us is an assurance as an Ad agency,” said Maria, which was exactly the solution that Licensing Services provided to securing the use of content featuring the crowd at one of Sinatra’s shows.

Throughout the production of the “Frank the Man” spot, Licensing Services worked in lockstep with Arnold Worldwide to make sure they found exactly what they needed and could then use it with full indemnification. Upon airing, the commercial was met with amazing reception by the press and Jack Daniel’s fans everywhere.

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