In the third edition of Breed, our biannual magazine, we celebrate the best work of 2012 and surface the trends, ideas and photographers we think will be making an impact during the rest of 2013…

Our global creative team is always working hard behind the scenes with our network of award-winning photographers to create exciting new imagery for our collections.

For example, the latest project by Luca Sage explores the emotive story of street fighting in Africa. And Tim Flach’s ground-breaking work, More than human, focuses on our changing relationship with animals, both as domestic companions and as a source of food.

This issue looks at new themes for the year ahead, as identified by our creative researchers – storytelling, representing diversity as well as the culture of entrepreneurship, increasingly urban lives, social photography and handcrafted imagery.

Our global team of art directors and editors have collaborated with some of the world’s most exciting photographers to share interviews, trends, events and much more. Keeping you up to date with a new generation of images.



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