In our new digital book, ‘Creative In Focus’ we examine how authenticity of images can be found in the form of "digital accidents." We've asked on Instagram for your examples and here are the results...

Our increasingly curated world makes us long for an aesthetic that feels raw and unexpected. The “glitch aesthetic” – pixilation, blurred images, light leaks, double & triple exposure – fills that void. Glitches are captivating because of their abstract nature. We don’t always know exactly what we’re looking at, which leaves room for interpretation.

We asked you to show us your “digital accidents" on Instagram by adding the hashtag: #creativeinfocus to your photos. Thanks to everyone for all the incredible submissions. It was hard to choose, but here are some of our favorite images.

(Credits from left to right)

@riahji @sutton2112 @ccbrandao @mellonmellon @edulima2012 @menenpictures @annainbarcelona @sharonshahanny @iamjennifur

We’ll post some more of our favorites on Monday, April 28th. In the meantime, take a moment to check out more emerging visual trends: GETTYIMAGES.COM/CREATIVEINFOCUS

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