Add a historical perspective to current events and anniversaries of landmark dates – with imagery from our hand-picked gallery.

2 April: 75 Years Since The Birth Of Marvin Gaye

4 April: 50 Years Since The Beatles Held Top Five Spots In Billboard Charts: A Look Back At The Beatles In USA

5 April: 40 Years Since Abba Won The Eurovision Song Contest: A Look Back

5 April: 40 Years Since Van Halen Play Their First Concert: A Look Back

7 April: 20 Years Since The Rwandan Genocide

8 April: 20 Years Since Kurt Cobain Found Dead: A Look Back At Kurt Cobain And Nirvana

8 April: (VIDEO) 20 Years Since The Death Of Kurt Cobain

12 April: 60 Years Since Bill Haley Recorded Rock Around The Clock: A Look Back At The Birth Of Rock'n'Roll

15 April: One Year Since The Boston Marathon Bombings

15 April: (VIDEO) One Year Since the Boston Marathon Bombings

15 April: 25 Years Since The Hillsborough Football Disaster

16 April: 50 Years Since First Rolling Stones Album Released: A Look Back

17 April: 30 Years Since WPC Yvonne Fletcher Killed In Libyan Embassy Siege

20 April: 15 Years Since The Columbine High School Massacre

20 April: (VIDEO) 15 Years Since The Columbine High School Massacre

22 April: 10 Years Since The Last Coal Mine Closed In France

27 April: South Africa Celebrates Freedom Day: A Look Back At Apartheid And Unrest

28 April: Penelope Cruz Turns 40

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