Being a photographer means you are always on the go - your office is essentially wherever your work brings you. Our photographers use the tag #mygettyoffice on Instagram to show us where in the world they are. Photojournalist Allison Joyce relocated from New York to Bangladesh in 2013.

My office is a think tank shape shifter backpack. At all times when working in South Asia it contains two Canon cameras, a 24mm and 50mm, Macbook Air, LaCie rugged hard drive, 98% Deet mosquito repellant, notebook and pen, portable battery pack, audio recorder, dry sack, roll-up poncho, head torch, ‘shammy’ cloth, Clif bars and spare C.F. cards and battery. I also carry some spare American change to give as fun souvenirs to the children and people I meet while working.

When I break it down to the basics, this is really all I need day to day working in my home base of Bangladesh. My work here often involves 8 hour cramped and jarring buses, precarious rickshaws, and dusty motorbike rides. It helps to keep things light and portable, but you must be ready for any situation. There are frequent power outages here, and during monsoon it's necessary to be prepared for constant rain.

Since working for Getty Images, my office has been everything from tragedy to festivals, from the red carpet in New York City, a rural Bangladeshi circus, riots in Brooklyn, a refugee camp in India, the presidential campaign trail in South Carolina, to a Sufi Festival in Bangladesh.

In 2013 I moved to Bangladesh from New York City and it has been such an exciting, challenging adventure working here, trying to learn the language and culture. There's no better way to get to know a city or country than by working as a photojournalist.

I've ridden on the top of a truck during Durga Puja in Old Dhaka, held a three day old newborn in a freezing refugee camp in India, was pulled into a room full of giggling and belly dancing women during a wedding in the rural Bangladesh. I never know where an assignment will take me.

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