We’ve taken the search pulse for Q2 of 2014, and here’s what’s been trending.

From President Obama’s controversial taking of one at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service back in December, to Ellen’s celebrity-loaded shot at the Oscars in March, the rise of the selfie has also been reflected in our customers’ search habits.

Eyes turned to the skies in April as a full lunar eclipse occurred, causing searches for the synonymous blood moon to spike.

Everywhere you look these days, there is somebody jogging their way to fitness, and our growing city running searches reflected that trend last quarter.  Not content to just slog it out on their own anymore, runners are getting together and want to add something unusual to the running experience, so special events such as color runs are springing up all over the place, as are the related searches!

Optimism has firmly arrived into the economic outlook this year for the United States and United Kingdom along with many other global locations.  This positivity filters though, and customer searches for the more literal economically optimistic terms like startup office have grown, as have searches for less tangibly optimistic terms like luxury living.

The buzz over the Lean In Collection earlier in the year resulted in many searches for the collection itself, but also for terms that reflect the spirit of the collection, such as woman confidence.


With what seems like every tech company out there investing in wearable technology like smart glasses or networked health monitoring smart-watches, it was no surprise that the term wearable computer rose up the ranks this quarter also.


The originally Japanese term emoji is also on the up, as we all turn increasingly toward text-based communication, but attempt to find ways to make it friendlier smile


And finally, we hoped we had left them far behind us in the why-on-earth-did-we-dress-like-that eighties, but our searchers have confirmed it, the perm is on its way back!

Editor's Note: These search results are based on Getty Images US site for Q2 2014.

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