#RePicture Hero | A view from iStock contributors

Our photographers are #RePicturing the world by challenging the stereotypes that are commonly associated with concepts such as Hero, Femininity and Age.

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#RePicture Women | Campaigns, organizations and people we love

Highlights of the best media campaigns, organizations, and people who empower and repicture women.

#RePicture | Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling is at the front line of the content marketing battleground. Product Director and Creative Strategist Melissa McVeigh discusses why creating new narratives is so important.

The universal themes being repictured at Mini Cannes

Mini Cannes took place in London last week. Alongside speakers and jurors from Cannes Lions, they invited Getty Images to bring back the visual trends we saw coming out of Cannes.

Latest Creative | Edited by Guy Merrill

Discover hand-picked imagery from our latest creative shoots, inspired by the most current trends and created by our leading artists. Edited this month by Art Director Guy Merrill.

Emerging Talent | Matt Henry

Discover fresh photographic talent from around the globe, we explore the creative vision of exceptional image-makers.

Video | Changing the Stock Image of Women

Pamela Grossman, Director of Visual Trends, Getty Images discusses changing the stock image of women at the recent New York Ideas 2014 conference held at the New York Historical Society

Emerging Talent | Jodie Griggs

Living in Tasmania, Australia, Jodie Griggs is not only an emerging photographer, she is creating work with the emerging technology of the smartphone camera.

How We Keep Our Keywords Fresh

How do we ensure our customers can find what they’re interested in on Getty Images or our numerous sister sites, whether they speak English or Japanese, Portuguese or Swedish? Patrick Carroll explains.

Riposte Magazine | Representing Women in a Real Way

We discover Riposte Magazine and meet it’s Editor-in-Chief, Daneille Pender, to find out how this new publication plans to stand out by representing women in a real and authentic way.

The World Responds to the Getty Images Lean In collection

What are people saying about the new Lean In collection on Getty Images? We want to hear from you!

The Westminster Dog Show: An Alternative View

Getty Images photographer Justin Sullivan visits the Westminster Dog Show with just his iPhone and an alternative eye.

Getty Images LeanIn Collection - Live Q&A on HuffPost LIVE

Watch LeanIn's Jessica Bennett and Getty Images Pam Grossman talk live about the evolution of women in imagery

Guest Edit: Nordic Athletes to watch in Sochi

Kristoffer Hansson is a Swedish sports agent based in London. We asked him for his top 10 Nordic Athletes to watch in Sochi

Gather Talks: Kyle Bean

Kyle Bean explores the juxtaposition of science and craft, and how analogy helps him generate new ideas and new projects...

Gather talks: Jess Bonham

From a trip to Dungeoness, to the deconstruction of cocktails and food mutations, Jess Bonham's images often create order from chaos.

Gather talks: James Morgan

James Morgan discusses his most remote and challenging shoots...

Natural inspiration

Toshi Sasaki: How the power and beauty of nature shapes his work

Video makers vs Video artists

How true artists will still stand out in a saturated marketplace

Travelling outside your comfort zone

Why travel forces you out of your creative comfort zone.

The future of filmmaking

Do we all have a film in us?

Breed Magazine

Which photographers and trends will be making an impact in the rest of 2013? Read Breed Magazine now