A Legacy of War | Paula Bronstein

This multimedia compilation showcases Paula Bronstein’s work from Laos and features an interview with her discussing the project.

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Dan Kitwood captures life amongst the rubble in Gaza

Dan Kitwood has just returned to the UK after capturing the aftermath of two weeks of intense bombing in Gaza. He shares his experiences...

Getty Images Gallery | Tom Stoddart - In Conversation

Against the eclectic backdrop of Jewels of the Archive, award-winning photographer Tom Stoddart discusses his work with Matthew Butson, Head of the Hulton Archive.

In the News | Inside the camps of Khazair

Photographer Spencer Platt recently visited Iraq on a mission to document what is happening to the people there. Here’s his story…

Reporting from Capitol Hill

We meet up with Meredith Dake, Multimedia Editor for CQ Roll Call, who notes that if there’s one thing digging through the archives has taught her, it’s that captions are king.

Children of the Favela | Behind the Scenes

Last year, Laurence Griffiths used his Getty Images Editorial Fellowship to document football in the favelas of Rio and what it means to the children there. Here's his behind the scenes diary...

Sean Gallup | An Unexpected Moment

"As the Ukrainians got closer one started shouting, ordering them to turn back, and when the Ukrainians ignored him, another took aim with his machine gun." Sean Gallup recalls an unexpected moment.

Allison Joyce | #mygettyoffice

Photojournalist Allison Joyce relocated from New York to Bangladesh in 2013. She gives us a look at her 'office' through Instagram.

A Tribute to Chris Hondros

A recap of last week's event, commemorating photojournalist Chris Hondros and the launch of TESTAMENT, a book dedicated to his photographs and essays.

Chris Hondros | Testament

Testament is a collection of photographs and writing by late photojournalist Chris Hondros spanning over a decade of coverage from most of the world's conflicts

Chip Somodevilla | #mygettyoffice

Chip Somodevilla's offices range from the White House, the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon to the State Department. Find out what it's like to always be on the road in Washington, DC.

The Photographer Who Gave His Life to Tell the Truth About Libya

Getty Images CEO Jonathan Klein shares his memories of Chris Hondros, the photojournalist who was killed while covering the Libyan conflict in 2011 in The Guardian newspaper.

Ethan Miller | Shooting at a Solar Powered Plant

Go behind the scenes with Ethan Miller as he tackles an unusual assignment.

Peter Macdiarmid | #mygettyoffice

Our photographers use the tag #mygettyoffice on Instgram to show us where in the world they are. Peter Macdiarmid discusses his office during the UK floods.

Who We Are | Lauren Steel

Besides our photographers, find out what other roles are involved in bringing our imagery to the world. We chat to Managing Editor at Reportage by Getty Images, Lauren Steel.

Passion for Pictures: Uriel Sinai

Uriel Sinai shares what it’s like to be a photojournalist working amid the dangers of war – and his dedication to telling both sides of every story.

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Passion for Pictures: Bill Wallauer

Bill Wallauer discusses his work with the Jane Goodall Institute, filming and helping to save the wild chimpanzees of Tanzania’s Gombe National Park.

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Dan Kitwood: An unexpected moment

On a cold day in February, Dan Kitwood didn't expect sun to break through and create a glorious vista of the London skyline.

Who We Are | Bette Lynch

Besides our photographers, find out what other roles are involved in bringing our imagery to the world. We chat to Director of Photography for EMEA, Bette Lynch.

Christopher Furlong: An Unexpected Moment

Read how news photographer Chris Furlong got a prime position at one of the world's biggest religious events.

Master Class: How to Capture in 360

The 360 images allow the photographer expand his/her horizons and capture the world in a new way. Learn how.

Sin & Salvation in Baptist Town

Matt Eich is one of the winners of the 2013 Getty Images Grant for Editorial Photography. He discusses his ongoing project 'Sin & Salvation in Baptist Town'.

Jeffrey Mitchell: An unexpected moment

A promise between two best friends meant one wearing a dress to the other's funeral, depending on who died first. Jeff Mitchell talks about this unexpected moment.

Passion for Pictures: Mario Tama

Mario Tama details the stories behind his powerful images of 9/11, the US presidential election and pre- and post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans.

Peter Macdiarmid: An unexpected moment

Peter Macdiarmid was woken at 6.a.m on a cold December morning to a loud thud that turned out to be the Buncefield oil explosion.

Matt Cardy: My most unexpected moment

Sometimes what seems to be a routine photo assignment can lead to a photographer capturing an unexpected moment.

The Best of Getty Images Instagram 2013

Getty Images uses Instagram to share the behind-the-scenes activity that goes in to creating our content. View the best of these images from 2013.

Behind the Shoot: International Committee of the Red Cross

Reportage by Getty Images worked with the International Committee of the Red Cross on their latest campaign. Go behind the scenes on this shoot in our video.

The Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan

Photographer Dan Kitwood has been named as a finalist in the prestigious 2014 Sony World Photography Awards for his work documenting the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.

Oli Scarff: My most unexpected moment

When Oli Scarff went once again to capture the Lord Mayor’s Banquet, little did he expect why his image of David Cameron would be so out of the ordinary.

Kosuke Okahara: Fragments of Fukushima

Winner of a 2012 Getty Images Editorial Grant, Kosuke Okahara photographed the ongoing effects of the Fukushima Nuclear plant explosion.

Can objectivity exist within photojournalism?

Aidan Sullivan, Vice President of Photo Assignments, Getty Images, and Getty senior staff photographer John Moore discuss.

Ballet school

Watch Pascal Le Segretain as he shoots behind the scenes at the Paris Opera Ballet School…

Peter Dench: The photo I took that meant the most to me

Documenting alcohol culture, learning from the not-funny photo

Brent Stirton: The photo I took that meant the most to me

How a dead silver-backed gorilla opened a photojournalist’s eyes.

Tom Stoddart: The photo I took that meant the most to me

Renowned Photojournalist Recounts ‘Woman of Sarajevo’

India: child slavery

Child-trafficking and slavery still blight India. Watch Daniel Berehulak document the experiences of children who work in a coal mine…

Portraits of hope

What are some of the ongoing effects of the Japanese tsunami in 2011? Watch Adam Pretty behind the lens…