Photographer Jonathan Knowles talks at Getty Images 'Gather' series

Jonathan has been voted one of the top 200 photographers in the world for the last 10 years running. He shows us where it all began with an image he saw age 8, which led to his first liquid shoot eight years later.

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Photographer Alma Haser talks at Getty Images 'Gather' series

Alma Haser was chosen by the British Journal of Photography as one of the top four graduates of 2010. In this talk, Alma introduces us to her techniques combining photography with origami to reinvent portraiture.

Photographer Alys Tomlinson talks at Getty Images 'Gather' series

In this talk, Alys takes us from America to Lourdes, showing us where she finds her inspiration and the thought process that goes into creating projects.

Photographer Oli Kellett talks at Getty Images 'Gather' series

Oli left his job as an advertising creative in 2009 to focus on photography. His playful projects have won awards and resonated with people around the world. Watch his 'Gather' talk.

Photographer Richard Newstead talks at Getty Images 'Gather' Series

Richard Newstead recently gained his Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) pilot’s licence and is now one of only 500 people in the world who can shoot commercially using drones.

Photographer Mark Leary talks at Getty Images 'Gather' series

Mark is known for his subtle observations and story-telling and has been shooting for twelve years in advertising, media, music and design.

Gather Talks: Tim Macpherson

Tim exposes the whole process behind a project, from conception of the idea and research, to locations, casting and styling, to the final result.

Gather Talks: Peter Beavis

Peter’s talk demonstrates his infectious passion and energy in capturing human emotions in an honest, authentic and playful way.

Gather Talks: Julia Fullerton-Batten

Julia takes us on a journey through seven projects focusing on women's relationships.

Gather Talks: Kyle Bean

Kyle Bean explores the juxtaposition of science and craft, and how analogy helps him generate new ideas and new projects...

Gather talks: Felicity McCabe

Felicity McCabe investigates the influence of the natural world and colour in her work...

Gather talks: Jess Bonham

From a trip to Dungeoness, to the deconstruction of cocktails and food mutations, Jess Bonham's images often create order from chaos.

Gather talks: James Morgan

James Morgan discusses his most remote and challenging shoots...

Gather talks: Ken Hermann

Ken Hermann discusses some of his most challenging work to date...

Gather talks: Jim Naughten

Jim Naughten on shooting unconventional portraits...