Getty Images Gallery | Tom Stoddart - In Conversation

Against the eclectic backdrop of Jewels of the Archive, award-winning photographer Tom Stoddart discusses his work with Matthew Butson, Head of the Hulton Archive.

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In this video Anthony Gammell shares the bespoke process the team takes to print on demand iconic and archival images.

The First World War Remembered

Photographer Peter Macdiarmid travelled to Belgium, France and around the UK to create these stunning image comparisons with pictures taken during World War One.

Story behind the photo | Ron Case

As Matthew Butson explains, the secret of capturing a shot like the Three Queen’s is simply being in the right place at the right time.

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Matthew Butson went above and beyond to help Terry Fincher recover his favourite shot that had been missing for 40 years.

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A story that illustrates why Bert Hardy’s ability to think on his feet inspired a generation of reportage photographers. Matthew Butson tells the story...

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Chris Felver tells us the story behind the photo of Pete Seeger on the cover of his new book ‘American Jukebox’.

Who We Are | Lenny Hanson

In this story, we get familiar with Conservator Lenny Hanson who is one of the UK’s few specialists in photographic conservation.

Passion for pictures: Ernst Hass

Alex Haas talks about his late father’s pioneering work, spanning everything from photojournalism to groundbreaking abstract and color photography.

Archival Calendar January

Add a historical perspective to current events and anniversaries of landmark dates – with imagery from our hand-picked gallery.

Bob Gomel: My historic image

With help from a secret service agent, Bob Gomel managed to suspend his Nikon camera 180 feet high over the Capitol Rotunda at the funeral of President Eisenhower. He tells the story of this historic image…

Ron Galella: Windblown Jackie

"DaVinci has his Mona Lisa and I have my Windblown Jackie". Photographer Ron Galella describes the chance encounter that became his most famous shot...

The Mary Celeste of Newsrooms

Tom Stoddart worked at News International during the 1980's and descibes what it was like to return and capture the empty offices...

Cathy Murphy: How a photograph changed my life

Photographer Cathy Murphy tells of a chance encounter with Cesar Chavez that led her to documenting history...

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